WALRUSES of Sand Island is images from two fieldseasons af Sand Island - one of the few remaining sites in Greenland where walruses uses as a terrestrial haul-out.

LITTLE AUKS - in huge numbers is a photographic celebration of the black and white seabird, the little auk. The small seabird breeds by the millions around Ittoqqortoormiit in Northeast Greenland.

Trophy hunting in Scoresbysund is a feature on trophy hunting for seals in Ittoqqortoormiit, Northeast Greenland. Here, hunters from abroad have the option to try seal hunting the Inuit way.

Bird of the sun is a photographic celebration of the Arctic tern. Each year the small-sized seabird performs the longest known migration: From the breeding grounds in Greenland to Antarctica.

Contrasting Nuuk is about the capital of Greenland – filled with contrasts. By presenting the images pair-wise the booklet illustrates contrasts and contradictions – both good and bad – in Nuuk.

A small red house at the end of the World is the story about Kristian from Ittooqqortoormiit, who half of the year lives isolated in the abandoned settlement Kap Tobin, with view of the impressive Scoresbysund Fjord..

ASA is a short photo essay about Isak Pike, hunter and tourist guide, in Scoresbysund.

A World of Ice and Snow is almost identical with the slideshow at the front page of ARC-PIC.COM. However, in this version technical photographical details are included.