”A World of Ice and Snow” is a journey in images and sound through the Greenland landscapes with ice and snow as the consistent theme. The slide show should preferably be watched in 720p with sound!

”A World of Ice and Snow” is made up of the images of ARC-PIC photographer Carsten Egevang with images from both West and East Greenland.

“My goal with the series of images is to communicate the extreme beauty in the Greenland landscapes being unique and not found many other places in the world” say Carsten. “I often find pure landscape images to be a bit tedious! My main interest as a photographer is to make pictures where animals or humans appear in these magnificent, but often barren landscapes. It takes tremendous adaptations in the Greenland species to survive in the Arctic ecosystem. Of cause, this especially applies to the animals that stays year around in Greenland, but also for the species that migrate south during the hardest and darkest months of the Arctic Winter. The same also applies for the humans that live in, and live of, the Greenland nature”, Carsten Egevang continues.