ARC-PIC.COM is an association of Greenland photographers displaying photos on-line. Because we are several photographers united and located different geographically sites in Greenland we can offer a large selection of quality photos form all over the country.

ARC-PIC.COM delivers images to all sorts of purposes from web to books, reports and articles over postcards and photo calendars. Images from ARC-PIC.COM has primary been use in Greenlandic and Danish media along with international magazines and reports. Longer articles on biological subjects have been published in Air Greenland in-flight magazine SULUK.

Besides the commercial intention of ARC-PIC.COM we also have a strong wish to promote the wild and beautiful Greenland, especially as a tourist attraction. We furthermore hope to endorse a sustainable use of the living resources in Greenland and through the web page to celebrate photography as a way of expression.

ARC-PIC.COM is a registered company under the Greenland Company Register with “sale of photographic articles” as the main activity.

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