When ordering photos from ARC-PIC.COM please use kontakt@arc-pic.com

When ordering or enquiring about photos from ARC-PIC.COM please inform which media the photo is intended to be used (see also PRICES).

When ordering please inform the specific "Image ID" on the photo, e.g. "CEg_5313" (see the example below) or simply copy the path to the photo when shown in preview-mode, e.g. "http://www.arc-pic.com/carsten/billedViser.php?sti=images/havterne_org/IMG_5313.jpg" (see the example below) and insert in an e-mail to kontakt@arc-pic.com.

Please note that the client is always obligated to cite the photo with "name of photographer/ARC-PIC.COM"

The ordered photos are delivered from ARC-PIC.COM via e-mail, or alternatively by mail on a CD-rom. We try hard to make the delivery as fast as possible usually within 48 hours.

For questions on how to order, please contact: kontakt@arc-pic.com.