Photographer and biologist Carsten Egevang is publishing a beauty of a book on the fauna of Greenland and the people that depend on a rich wildlife.

Greenland – Land of Animal and Man contains photos of Greenland’s fauna and local population as these have never been shown before. Through photographer Carsten Egevang’s pictures we get close to birds and mammals and observe the organisms’ superior adaptability in the tough Arctic environment. We join the polar bear hunter on his dog sled, we crouch behind the seal hunter’s telescopic sight, and we take a seat in the dinghy to haul Greenland halibut – in short, we become part of the quest for Greenland provisions, while the amazing Greenland landscapes serve as backdrop for everything.

Greenland –Land of Animal and Man comprises three sections: the two main sections, Land of Animal and Land of Man depict selected animal species and traditional hunting and fishing as these take place in present day Greenland, respectively. In the concluding section, Land of Photography, Carsten Egevang narrates vividly of his personal experiences behind the camera and tells anecdotes from the life of a photographer in Greenland.

See extract of the book Greenland - Land of Animal and Man here. This web version presents 66 of the 264 pages, including Contains and one chapter of each of the three sections in the book: Land of Animal, Land of Man and Land of Photography.

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